engineered by australian chemists
All Eu-Tech products are engineered by Australian Chemists and are formulated to meet the exact specifications of our customers
engineered by Australian chemists
excellent application properties
The leading edge formulations allow for consistent ease of application.
excellent application properties
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Samples are available to qualified customers on request.

Eutech - Professional Solutions

Combinding advanced technology with market knowledge to develope materials with more reliability and greater proformance.

Easy Clean: Nano Technology Water Repellents

Eutech Nano technology most advanced water repellents are a global reconised brand used as surface treatment of hydrophobic and oleophobic surface creating a new easy clean surface. read more...


All New ET1000 Glass Adhesion Promoter

Eutech ET1000 is a high proformance adhesion promoter used in all Polyurethanes & epoxies for maximum adhesion to glass. Decrotive Colourback Glass. read more...